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141 PADMANABHA- -rAXCIIA-TANTllA 142 yodvaha-viJlii. A treatise on the marriag-e rites of Telugu Kshatriyas.] pp.23, il/a'^ms, 1900. 12°. 14174. a. 16. PADMANABHA RAZU, ralluri Jayathradlia nataka (aJcsb^i^J ;s^toS .toj) . A l^elugu drama in five acts, ada])ted from Shakspeare's " Othello." (Chintamaui Series. No. viii.) ])p. 92. Enjah- mundrii, 1894. 8°. 14174. h. 9.(5.) PADMANABHA SASTRI, 7v. Vt-uhifn. Copious Notes on [V. R. Subba Rau's] Sree Kausalya pari- nayamu, first canto,. with exhaustive explanations on prosody, grammar, &c. pp. i. i. 139. Madras, 1904. 8°. 14175. a. 14.(1.) PAKSHI-EAZU, ilfciii". ^vo-^^ -fSryKti^ S'^cifi^cij. [Alankara-sangraha-rasayanamu. A collection of verses illustrating the forms of stylistic ornament, and chiefly treating of the cult of Krishna.] pp. 28. Madras, [1899.] 8°. 14174. e. 13.(2.) Printed on one side of the leaf onlij. PALLI. See Balli. PAINI, Muddu. See Muddu Palani. PANCHA-TANTRA. [For the metrical adaptation by Venkata-niltha Rilzu of the Paiicha-tantra :] See ViNKATA-NATHA RaZU, P. iJgifcejSb fe3so^r3.-i». [Raja-niti-padyamulu. Verses on the duties of kings, from the metrical Telugu version by Narayana of the Sanskrit fable-book Paiicha-tantra. With word-for-word interpreta- tion, paraphrase, and notes by Paramiltmuni Rama-svamayya and Peruraanam Maha-devaj'ya, for the use of the Fourth Forms in High Schools.] pp. iv. 62. Chittoor, ^j^^" [Madras printed], 1895. 12°. 14174. f. 12.(3.) Begin. A. i^l". 'Siwc^b^si.cffiaS'cgjr'iaca- ■<:?' § 63 e> So er^ S' S § S &< -a° ?SS ■^en' ?f 55m 7r° c 23 !l- SJ "^ '6 ^ r° ;«: &) & "2«>ll [Pancha-tantra, or °tantri. A prose Telugu version, by Ravipati Guru-miirti Sastri, of the Sanskrit fable-book.] pp. 13G. ^^^iforasfto no-pb' [Madras, 1834.] 8°. 14174. g. 11. An interleaved copy. [Second edition, revised, and with a slightly different pl/hilca.^ pp. 124. Madras, 1848. 8°. 14174. g. 21. PANCHA-TANTRA {nmUnued). So^5'Ur^^J^,•3■,^. [Paucha-tantra. The version of fiuru-inurti, willi some additional stories. Edited by Mopuru Krishna-svami Razu.] pp.88. oo-e-'B' [Madras? 1804.] 8^ 14174. g. 13. [Another copy of tlie same edition.] 14174. g. 12. Panchatantra. anxfeJo^^^jia. [Translated by R. Guru-murti Sastri.] . . . Published by order of the Director of Public Instruction. pp. 167. Madras, iSm. 16°. 14174. f. 6. Neeti clmndrica. Telugu prose. [Part i. An adaptation of the Mitra-labhamu and ]Iitra- bhedamu of the Paiicha-tantra combined with the Hitopadesa,] by Paravastu Chinnayya Suri. (bl3x5-o,a,r.) Eighteenth edition. Madras, 1909. 8°. pp. ik; 14174. gg. 29. ^SiS-o^s,r -^,11 [Xltl-chandrika. Ch. i. (Mitra-labhamu), with its introduction.] See Academies, etc. — Madras. — Unlversiti/ of Madras. The Telugu Text for the Matriculation Examina- tion of . . . December 1900. pp. 34-59. 1899. 8°. 14174. k. 65. £b^^^n.l!f-Ji» ^coii [Niti-chandrika. Notes upon ch. i.] pp. 30. See Surya-narayana Sastri, D., and others. Copious Annotations on the Matriculation Telugu Text, etc. 1900. 8°. 14174. k. 45.(5.) ?)^^5'o^s,^' -aoDll [Niti-chandrika. Notes upon ch. i. (Mitra-labhamu), with English trans- lation.] See Venkata-subb.a Sastri, S. Copious Annotations on the Telugu Text for the ^Matri- culation, e^c. 1900. 8°. 14174. k. 45.(4.) ^J^^■f 25eJo,£,s&3. [Niti-chandrika. Ch. ii. (Mitra-bhedamu), partly interpreted word for word with notes.] pp.20. See Venkata-scbb.^ Sastri, ,S'. Copious Annotations on the Telugu Text for the Matriculation, etc. 1888. 8°. 14174. k. 45.(1.) ^^iS■o^S|^. fe^-cr'SsS»(i'oJS) SXsJ'S&i. [Nlti- chandrika. Fartii., ch. i., or Vigrahamu. Adapted into Telugu prose by Kokkoiida Verikata-rat- namu.] pp. 116. Madras, 1872. 8°. 14174. gg. 27. Nitichendrica, Sandhi. [Ch. 4 of Niti- chandrika, forming part of the sequel by K.