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fraternize, in heroic sprees, with sub-of&cers of the army and non-commissioned o£.cers of the navy. There have already been some bloody fights, and several times, apropos of nothing, the sub-officers have drawn their swords, threatening to kill imaginary traitors. The night that Dreyfus landed in France I thought that the little cafe would tumble down under the cries of " Long Live the Army! " and " Death to the Jews! " That night Joseph, who is already popular in the town, had a mad success. He mounted a table, and shouted:

" If the traitor is guilty, let him be sent back. If he is innocent, let him be shot."

On every hand they shouted:

" Yes, yes! Let him be shot! Long live the army! "

This proposition had carried the enthusiasm to the height of paroxysm. Above the shouting, in the cafe, could be heard only the clashing of swords and the pounding of fists on the marble tables. Some one, having ventured to say nobody knows what, was hooted, and Joseph, rushing upon him, smashed his mouth with a blow of his fist, and broke five teeth for him. Struck repeatedly with the flat of a sword, torn, covered with blood, and half dead, the unfortunate -man was cast, like so much filth, into the street, always to the cries. of " Long Live the Army! Death to the Jews! "