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Chapter III.

All colors grasped in the hand.

(54) Let us recall the names and order of colors given in the last chapter, with their assemblage in a sphere by the three qualities An image should appear at this position in the text.of hue, value, and chroma. It will aid the memory to call the thumb of the left hand red, the forefinger yellow, the middle finger green, the ring finger blue, and the little finger purple (Fig. 6). When the finger tips are in a circle, they represent a circuit of hues, which has neither beginning nor end, for we can start with any finger and trace a sequence forward or backward. Now close the tips together for white, and imagine that the five strong hues have slipped down to the knuckles, where they stand for the equator of the color sphere. Still lower down at the wrist is black.

(55) The hand thus becomes a color holder, with white at the finger tips, black at the wrist, strong colors around the outside, and weaker colors within the hollow. Each finger is a scale of its own color, with white above and black below, while the graying of all the hues is traced by imaginary lines which meet in the middle of the hand. Thus a child’s hand may be his substitute for the color sphere, and also make him realize that it is filled with grayer degrees of the outside colors, all of which melt into gray in the centre.