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��Mr. GLADSTONE says of the "Falstaff Shakespeare," in a note dated November 13th, 1896:

"Accept my thanks for your courtesy in sending me your new and remarkable edition of Shakespeare, which, in itself, gives a startling proof of the great results that British enterprise is able to achieve at the most moderate prices.

" Yours very faithfully,

(Signed] "W. E. GLADSTONE."


Neivcastle Daily Chronicle. ". . . The cheapest book ever sold for money. A book as big as a family Bible. In all the populous world of books there is nothing like this impressive reprint."

Pall Mall Gazette. ". . . A marvel of cheapness . . . good paper, clean-cut type, and stout binding."

Star. "This remarkable work. There is nothing about it paper, printing, binding, or arrangement to suggest why the edition should be published at so low a figure."

Glasgow Herald ". . . Wonderful value. . . Will be found a blessing to the eyes when compared to cheap editions in smaller type."

Scotsman. " . . . One wonders how such a ' bulk of wit and wisdom ' as this Falstaff Edition can be put out at the price."

Sheffield Daily Telegraph. " No more remarkable book has been published within our time."

Guardian. "It is handsome, well printed, and everything that a single volume can be."

Methodist Recorder. ", . . The cheapest book ever issued. . . . Worthy of any man's bookshelves."

Methodist Times." . . . The cheapest book in the world. It is literally the most marvellous three-and-sixpence worth we have ever seen."

Dundee Advertiser. ". . . A marvel of cheapness."

Bookseller. " . . . Most astoundingly cheap. . . , Good clear type, thick toned paper, litle-page in red and black, and tastefully bound."

Newsagent. " . . . Ihe most marvellous three-and-sixpenny book ever issued."

Perthshire Advertiser. "This is the best edition that has yet appeared it is a marvel of cheapness. The type is beautiful and distinct."

Globe. ". . . Altogether desirable."

New Saturday. ". . . Amazingly cheap."

Gentlewoman. " The price is simply absurd."

Christian Commonwealth. " ... In every sense admirable."

Queen. "About the most wonderful three-and-sixpence worth that was ever published."

British Weekly." ... I do not know that there has ever been anything like the Falstaff Shakespeare."

Liverpool Mercury. ". . . A marvel of excellence and cheapness combined."

Black and White. ". . . Worthy a place in any library."

Vanity Fair. " . . . Cheap, yet exceedingly -well done. ... It is altogether complete and adequate."

Press Opinions on "The Cheapest Books in the World" Series,

Times." Should be welcome to many readers."

Daily Telegraph. 11 Astonishingly cheap."

Athenaum. "A marvellous florin's worth."

Birmingham Daily Post. "May stand unashamed on any library shelf. ... It is the most wonderfully cheap book we ever saw."

National Observer. "A marvellous two-shillings' worth."

Methodist Times. 11 Splendid reprints . . . their magnificence fairly dazzles me ... beautifully printed on excellent paper . . . they are the cheapest books in the world."

��Of BLISS, SANDS, & CO.'S reprints in general, the 'PALL MALL GAZETTE' says: "They have annihilated the hitherto indissoluble alliance between cheap and nasty."

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