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tocele." In 1S79, in tlic " Modical Record, " we find his helpful paper on "Cystitis"; in ISSl, in the same journal, his article on "The Proper Limitation of Emmet's Operation " ; and in the " Trans- actions of the American Gynecological Society for 1884," his excellent article on "Puncture of the Gravid Uterus during Ovariotomy." Later, in the " New York Medical Record" appeared "Puerperal Fever"; while in 1886 he wrote the very scholarly paper in the "International Encyclopedia of Surgery" (Xew York) on "'Ovarian and Uterine Tumors." In 1888 he wrote a thoroughly honest paper on " Hysterorrhaphy in the Treatment of Retrofiextions of the Womb," and in the fall of 1891 he read before the New York Obstetrical Society a paper on " The Ulti- mate Results of the Removal of the Uterine Appendages," w^hich was pub- lished in the " New York Journal of GjTiecology and Obstetrics" and in the "University Medical Magazine." It was eminently fair and judicious, and no paper ever read by Dr. Lee before the Obstetrical Society gave a better impres- sion of his honesty, his ability, and his judicial mind. In the " Transactions ' of the Amierican Gynecological Society," and in those of the Medical Society of the County of New York, of the Obstetrical Society, and of the Academy of ]^Iedicine of New York, may be found many pages of his excellent remarks in the discussion of various papers.

Dr. Lee married Helen, daughter of the late Dr. Isaac Parrish, of Philadel- phia, in 1863, who, with five children, survived him. One son became a doctor.

H. T. H.

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Portrait in the Sur.-Gen. Lib., Wash., D. C.

Lefevre, John M. (1857-1907),

John M. Lefevre was a well known and very popular practitioner in the

early days of \'ancouver, and a mem- ber of the Board of Directors of the CJeneral Hospital, in which he exhibited a lively interest, also taking a promi- nent part in the establishment of the new hospital, which was comjileted shortly after his death in 1907. He held the M. D. and C. M. from McGill Tniversity (1879) and the M. R. C. S., lilngland, 1896.

He was surgeon to the Canadian Pacific Railway during construction, and to the Company in Vancouver.

Dr. Lefevre was a good diagnosti- cian and took a keen interest in his professional work. He spent a year among the hospitals of Europe, and before returning presented himself for examination and passed the member- ship of the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

After a short illness he died, in 1907, aged fifty years.

O. M. J.

Leidy, Joseph (1823-1891).

A friend being asked to introduce him as lecturer protested that he himself rather needed introducing. " Keep j-our seat, Dr. Hunt, I will introduce myself" called out the speaker of the evening, and he said:

"My name is Joseph Leidj^ doctor of medicine. I w^as born in this city the ninth of September, 1823, and have lived here ever since. My father was Philip Leidy, the hatter, on third street above Vine; my mother, Catherine Mellick, but she died a few months after my birth, and my father married her sister Chris- tina, who was all in all to me, the one to whom I owe all that I am. At an early age I took great delight in natural history, of which I have reason to think I know a little, and a little of that little I propose to teach you to-night."

Anatomist, botanist, paleontologist, zoologist, the "Uttle" summed up by friendly hands at his death amounted to five hundred and fifty-three volumes, papers and communications. After his early education at private schools he