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West called to him and he insisted on returning to Berkeley where he died in February, 1906, apparently from slowly advancing tuberculosis.

This is an outline of his brief life in which each turning was directed by his illnesses. -In his harness to the end, he cheerily though falteringly tested the effects of various drugs on jelly- fish when from his weakness he could no longer control a rabbit, and the paper on these experiments which his mother wrote at his dictation was published after his death.

He was indefatigable in his interest in his work and worked as an artist with a grasp of his problem. Through- out his crippled life he bore himself with the courage and cheerfulness Avhich stood so well by Stevenson.

His writings include:

"On the Histology and histogenesis of Heart Muscle." ("Anatomical An- zeiger, 1897.)

" On the Histogenesis of Striated Muscle Fibre and the Development of the Human Sartorius." ("Johns Hop- kins Hospital Bulletin," 1898.)

"On the Pathology of Fragmentatio Myocardi, and Myocarditis Fibrosa." ("Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin." 1898.)

"Contribution to the Knowledge of the Pathology of Fragmentation and Segmentation and Fibrosis of the Myo- cardium." ("Journal of Experimental Medicine," 1899.)

" On the Muscular Architecture and Growth of the Ventricles of the Heart." ("Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports 1900," vol. ix.)

"Development of the Pig's Intestine." ("Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin," 1901.)

" Notes on the Wolffian Body of Higher Mammals." ("American Jour- nal of Anatomy," vol. i, No. 3, 1902.)

"On the Influence of Calcium and Barium on the Flow of Urine" (prelimi- nary communication)." (Ibid., i, No. 10, 1904.)

"Influence of the Saline Purgatives

on Loops of Intestine Removed from the Body, Secretion of Sugar into the In- testine Caused by Intravenous Saline Infusion." (Ibid., vol. i, Nos. 13 and 14, 1904.)

" Influence of Calcium and Barium on the Secretary Activity of the Kidney." (" University of California Publications," ii. No. 3, 1904, second communication.)

"Action on the Intestine of Solutions Containing Two Salts, Action of Pur- gatives in a Crustacean (Sida Crystal- Una)." (Ibid., vol. ii, Nos. 5-6.)

" On the Diuretic Action of Certain Hemolytics and the Action of Calcium in Suppressing Hemoglobinuria." (Pre- liminary communicaton). lbid.,ii, No. 10.)

" The Diuretic Action of Certain Hemo- lytics and the Influence of Calcium and Magnesium in Suppressing Hemolysis" (second communication) . Ibid., ii, No. 12.) " The Action of Pilocarpine and Atropin on the Flow of Urine."

" Action of Saline Purgatives in Rab- bits and the Counteraction of their Effects by Calcium" (second communication). Ibid., i, No. 1904.1

"Factors Influencing Secretion." ("Journal of Biological Chemistry," vol. i, 4 and 5, 1906.) C. R. B.

McCann, James (1837-1893).

About the year 1825 a certain Thomas McCann of Scotch-Irish ancestry married one Sarah Wilson and settled on a farm near Verona, Penn township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and on this farm James McCann was born April 12, 1837. His education was obtained in the public schools in which, at the completion of his course, he served as teacher for one or two years, after w-hich he entered at Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, but termi- nated his studies before graduating.

About 1858 or 1859 he went to Pitts- burg and for a time was employed at clerical work; later becoming a student of medicine under Dr. John Dickson, before attending medical lectures in the Univers- ity of Pennsj'lvania. He did not, however, complete his studies at the University I at this time, but entered the Union Army