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sils from Burlington County, New Jersey, March 1, 1846.

"On Peruvian Remains," March 1. 184G.

" Description of Two New Species of Fossil Echinodermata from the Eocene of the United States," May 26, 1846.

"On Two Living Hybrid Fowls between Gallus and Numida," September 29, 1846.

"Address at the First Meeting of the Academy at the New Library and Meet- ing-room," May 4, 1847.

" Remarks on an Aboriginal Cranium from Chilicothe, Ohio," May 25, 1847.

" Remarks on an Indian Cranium from Richmond, on the Delaware," December 21, 1847.

" Remarks on a Bushman Boy at Philadelphia," February 8, 1848.

" Remarks on an Ancient Peruvian Cranium from Pisco," April 11, 1848.

" Remarks on Four Skulls of Shosho- nees," August 8, 1848.

" Observations on the size of the Brain in Various Races and Families of Man," April 25, 1848.

" Biographical Notice of the I^atc George McClellan, M. D.;" read before the Philadelphia College of Physicians, Sep- tember 4, 1849.

" Illustrations on Pulmonary Con- sumption, Its Anatomical Character, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment, with Twelve Colored Plates," Philadelphia, 1834.

" Macintosh's Practice of Physic, With Notes by S. G. Morton."

"Crania Americana," or a "Compara- tive View of the Skulls of Various Abo- riginal Nations of North and Soutli America," to which is prefixed an essay on the " Varieties of the Human Species," illustrated by seventy-eight plates, and a colored map, by Samuel George Morton, M. D., etc., etc., folio; Philadelphia and London, 1839.

"Crania ^Egyptiaca;" or "Observa- tions on Egyptian Ethnography," de- rived from history and the monuments, plates and wood-cuts, Philadelphia and London, 4to, 1845.

"An Illustrated System of Human Anatomy," special, general and micro- scopic, Philadelphia, 8vo, 1849.

Among other papers not included in the list given above mention maj^ be made of:

"An Inquiry into the Distinctive Characteristics of the .\boriginal Race in America," second edition, Philadelphia, 1844.

" Some Observations on the Ethnog- raphy and Archeology of the American Aborigines." "American Journal of Science," 1846.

"Catalogue of the Skulls of Man and the Inferior Animals, in the Collection of Samuel George Morton, M. D." Third edition, Philadelphia, 1849.

"Additional Observations on Hybrid- ity in Animals, etc." A reply to the objections of Rev. John Bachman, D. D., Charleston, 1850.

"Notes on Hybridity," Pliiladelphia, 1851.

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For lnoti;r:ipliy st-i-:

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Morton, William Thomas Green (1819-


The credit of demonstrating the prac- ticability of ether anesthetization must be ascribed to William Thomas Green Mor- ton, dentist, son of a store-keeper farmer in Charlton, Ma.ssachusetts. " His first demonstration was made on October 16, 1846, at the Massachusetts General Hos- pital in Boston, and John Collins Warren, the senior surgeon, was the daring opera- tor to sanction and utilize the experiment. For several years Morton had considered this subject of anesthesia. He had seen