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native State until 1S29, wiien he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and, until 18G0, had a large practice. At this time he retired from active j)ractice.

In May, 1(S35, when the medical de- partment of Cincinnati College was founded, he was made professor of obstetrics and diseases of women and children. In 1.849 Dr. Rives was elected professor of materia medica in the Metl- ical College of Ohio, and in LSSO was transferred to the chair of obstetrics. In 1S54 he resigned the professorship. In this year he edited John Lizar's Anatomy of the Brain."

During the last ten years of his life he rested from active professional work. He was never married. He died in Cincin- nati, June 3, 1870. A. 0. D.

Trans. Ohio State Med. So.-,. 1870. (i;. H SteventJ

Roberts, William Currie (l<Slf)-lS73).

William Currie Roberts was i)oru in Lontlon, England, in ISIO. W'lien about ten years old he was brought to this country, where hl)eral and democratic ideas were so readily engrafteil upon his nature that but few knew lie was of foreign liirtli. He did not liave the advantage of a collegiate education, IjuI great attention was given to his mental training and in 1828 he began to study medicine with the di.stinguished surgeon, Valentine Mott. During the years 1828, 1829, 1830, he attended med- ical lectures at the Geneva Medical Col- lege, Medical Department of Rutgers' University; during the winter of 1830-31 at Philadelphia, and graduated at the college of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, in 1832. The same year he married Matildti, daughter of Martin Hoffman, of Xew York, who died after seven years, leaving him two sons and a daughter, but the latter died at the age of eleven.

In 1835, in conjimction with several of his medical friends, he founded the Xew York Infirmary for the Diseases r)f Women and Children, doulitless the first special institute of its character estal>-

lished in Xew "^'ork; but, after a brief tliougii useful existence, its doors were finally closed on account of lack of funds. In 1839 he served as physician at West Point: in 184-1 j)hysician to the Xorthern Dispensary, lia\ing charge of the depart- ment of "Diseases of Women and Children and Nervous Disorders." In 1841, for about a year, he edited the " New York Medical Oazette," and in this are to be found two of his papers: "Contributions to the Literary History and Pathology of Cholera Infantum" and "Thymic En- largement." In 184G he startetl the " Annalist," a journal wliich he continued to edit until 1848. His other literary efforts were the editing of four or five numVjers of " Wood's Addenda to the Medic'O-Chirurgical Review," between •Inly, 1847, and .\pril. 1849, and, in 1834, in connection with Dr. James B. Kissam, he translated l^ourgery's "Minor Sur- gery." In 1835 he translated the work of the Chev. J. Sarlandiere, ex-surgeon French Army and of the ^liUtary Hospital of Paris, wliich is entitled, " Systematized Anatomy: or Human Organography, in Synoptical Tal)les, with Numerous Plates for the l"se of Universities, Faculties, and Scliools of Medicine and Stirgery, Acade- mies of Painting, Scul]iture and of the Royal Colleges. " This is a large folio volume, beautifully illustrated with fifteen folio ]jlates. Dr. Roberts' first monograjih, a )ioi)ul:ir essay on " Vacci- nation," appeared in 1835, signed, "A physician. ■

Rolierts died in December, 1873, ha\'- ing suffered for about a year from an organic affection of the heart.

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Robertson, Dr. Andrew ( 171 ('>- 1795).

This army siu-geon was born in Scot- land in 1716, and graduated from the University of Edinburgh, entering th(» British Army as a surgeon and serving three years in Flanders, and being present at the battle of Fontenov in 1745.