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Zigome. The outward part, or end of the cheeke-bone towards the eare; so tearmed by the Anatomists of Paris.

Zimiech: m. A kind of Eagle which preyes vpon the Crane, and other lesse fowle.

Zin; ou Zint. The twang, or twanging sound of the string of a hard-bent bow.

Zinzembre. Ginger.

Zinziberine: f. Powder of Ginger.

Zivette. Looke Civette. Zizanie: f. Ray, Darnell.

Zizolin: m. Gingioline colour.

Zoaire. Looke Zedoaire. Zodiaque: m. The Zodiacke; a broad circle in the firmament, in which the 12 Signes are placed, and vnder which the Planets moue.

Zoette: f. An Owle, or Howlet; called so about Avignon.

Zon: m. The whiske, or sound of a switch, rod, or wand; also, a iert, lash, box, blow.

Zone: f. A girdle; also, a Zone; or, a certaine breadth from North to South, bounded out by some of the globes principall circles; Of these breadths there be fiue; one extreame hot and fierie; two most cold and euer frozen; and two which be, for the most part, mild and temperate, or betweene both.

Zoophore: m. A painted, or carued girdle, or border about a Porch, or Piller.

Zoophytes: m. Such things as be partly plants, & partly liuing creatures; as Spunges, &c.

Zoucet: m. The little water-fowle called a Dabchicke, or Die-dopper.

Zubelines. Martes zub. Sables.

Zummach. The Eagle that hath on her head, or backe, a kind of whitenesse; which is a certaine signe of her perfect goodnesse.