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Pyrates arrive to great Power. The Inhabitants deſcribed, 58. Their Policy, Government, &c. Places deſcrib’d, 59. The Arrival of Captain Woods Rogers at that Part of the Iſland, 61. Their Deſign of ſurprizing his Ship, 62. One of theſe Princes formerly a Waterman on the Thames, 63. Their Secretaries, Men of no Learning. Could neither write nor read, ib.

Way to ſuppreſs Pyrates, 64. The Increaſe of Pyrates accounted for, 65. Where Martel learned his Trade, ib. The Names of ſeveral Prizes taken, by him, 65, 66, 67. His Strength at Sancta Cruz, 67. His Manner of fortifying himſelf there, ib. Is attack’d by the Scarborough Man of War, 68. His defence by Land and Sea, ib. His deſperate Eſcape, 69. His miſerable End, ib.

His Beginning, 70. His Confederacy with Hornygold, ib. The Confederacy broke, 71. Takes a large Guiney Man, ib. Engages the Scarborough Man of War, ib. His Alliance with Major Stede Bonnet, ib. Depoſes his new Ally, ib. His Advice to the Major, ib. His Progreſs and Succeſs, 72. Takes Prizes in Sight of Charles-Town, 73. Sends Ambaſſadors to the Governor of Carolina, upon an impudent Demand, ib. Runs his Ship aground deſignedly, 74. His Cruelty to ſome of his own Companions. Surrenders to the King’s Proclamation, 75. The Governor of North-Carolina’s exceeding Generoſity to him, ib. He marries, ib. The Number of his Wives then living, ib. His conjugal Virtues, 75, 76. Makes a ſecond Excurſion in the Way of pyrating, 76. Some State Legerdemain betwixt him and the Governor, ib. His modeſt Behaviour in the River, 77. His Frolicks on Shore, ib. The Merchants apply for a Force againſt him, and where, 78. A Proclamation with a Reward for taking or killing of Pyrates, 79, 80. Lieutenant Maynard ſent in purſuit of him, 80. Black-beard’s good Intelligence, 81. The Lieutenant engages Black-beard, ib. A moſt execrable Health drank by Black-beard- 82. The Fight bloody; the Particulars of it, 82, 83, 84. Black-beard kill’d, 84. His Sloop taken, ib. The Lieutenant’s Conduct, 84, 85. A Reflection on the Humours of Seamen, 85. Black-beard’s Correſpondents diſ-