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to them in these respects, so far only as they are calculated to assist an English Student. I have often been obliged to deviate from them, and, in imitation of my guides, to accommodate my illustrations &c. &c. to the grammar of the language in which I write.

Nunniah Bhutt, the author of the apothegms above mentioned, undertook also the herculean labor of translating the voluminous Mahabarut from Sanscrit into Teloogoo verse; and although he did not live to finish this work, which was subsequently completed by Tickuna Somiazooloo, he succeeded in immortalizing his memory in this part of India, by rendering this book the great standard of Teloogoo poetry. We learn from the introduction to[1] the Teloogoo Mahabharut that

  1. The following is an extract from the passage here alluded to: (Symbol missingTelugu characters)