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duction in Gonse, i. 88 (snow-scene), p. 108 (the same), and p. 298 (bridge in rain).

Single sheets:—

  • A girl awaking, large, about 1822, according to Fenollosa, No. 412.
  • Yoshitsune and the tengus (monsters with beaks like a bird's).
  • Dragon flying up into the air.
  • Parrot on tree, large, about 1840, according to Fenollosa, No. 429.
  • A hawk on a pine-branch, very large, about 1842.
  • Storks and rice-fields, large, about 1848.
  • White heron among the reeds.
  • White stork flying over iris.
  • Travellers on the highroad, large, about 1825, according to Fenollosa, No. 413.
  • Mountain landscape in snow, very large, 2 sheets, about 1843.
  • Yedo by night, large, about 1848.
  • The fox-fire, i.e. will-o'-the-wisps represented by foxes that are gathered by night around a large solitary tree; medium size, late.


  • Naruto rapids, near Kioto, 1846.
  • Beach in moonlight.
  • Mountains in snow, about 1850, excellent.
  • A gentleman in a plum orchard, in collaboration with Kunisada, beautiful, about 1850.

Illustrated works and series:—

  • The history of the 47 Ronin, 11 double sheets.
  • Kwannon reigenku, the 100 wonders of the Kwannon, 34 sheets, fol., in the upper part of each sheet a sanctuary of the Kwannon, in the lower a miracle; the latter by Kunisada.
  • Kioka hiaku ninitsishu, comic verses of the 100 poets, 8vo, light brush drawings in two tones.
  • Keisai ukiyo gwafu, 3 vols., 8vo, the two first by Keisai, the third by Hiroshige, in several tones.
  • Sohitsu gwafu, 3 small vols, of sketches.
  • A series of birds, 12 sheets.
  • A series of the fishes, oblong folio.