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Above the Battle

applaud this modest work to which we are devoting ourselves to-day.

We will begin by giving the greatest possible publicity to those actions, declarations, and manifestations—whether they emanate from belligerent or neutral nations—in which the effort of reviving the feeling of a higher unity and a generous altruism may become apparent. Later we shall be able to extend our activities and place them at the service of new enterprises. We demand nothing more of our friends, of our press, and of our fellow-citizens than a littte attention for these quickenings of reality, a little respect for the interests of a higher humanity, and a little love for the great traditions and the rich possibilities of a unified Europe.

Barcelona, November 27, 1914.

Eugenio d'Ors, Member of the Institute; Manuel de Montoliú, Author; Aurelio Ras, Director of the Review Estudio; Augustin Murúa, University Professor; Telesforo de Aranzadi, University Professor; Miguel S. Oliver; Juan Palau, publicist; Pablo Vila, Director of Mont d'Or College; Enrique Jardi Barrister; E. Messeguer, publicist; Carmen Karr, Director of the Residencia de Estudiantes