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For Europe (Holland)

they should believe implicitly in the justice of their cause; they must ardently desire to testify to their faith before others. Only an unshakable confidence in the absolute justice of their cause can keep them from wavering or despairing during the gigantic struggle.

But we have perceived with great sorrow that the greater part of those writings are absolutely lacking in the slightest effort to be just towards opponents; that the meanest and most malicious motives are ascribed to them.

We respect the conviction of every one of the warring nations that they are fighting for a just cause. Even if we should have formed an opinion about the origin of the war, we should yet not think the present a fit moment to oppose different opinions or arguments to each other. This should be the work of the future, when scientific research will be able to consider all the facts quietly, when national passions will have subsided and the nations will listen with more composure to the verdict of history.

Yet we think it our duty and we consider it a privilege given to us as neutrals to utter a serious warning against the systematic rousing of a lasting bitterness between the now warring parties.