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Above the Battle

May the representatives of all countries—according to the saying of a Dutch statesman—remember what unites them and not only what separates them!

Signed:—H.-C. Dresselhuys, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Justice, President of the N.A.O.R. J.-H. Schaper, member of the Second Chamber, Vice-President. Madame M. Asser-Thorbeke, secretary of the Dutch League for Women's Suffrage. Professor Dr. D. van Embden, Professor of the law at Amsterdam. Dr. Koolen, member of the Second Chamber. V.-H. Rutgers, member of the Second Chamber. Baron de Jong van Beek en Donk, Secretary of the N.A.O.R. (and also subscribed to by 130 politicians, intellectuals, and artists, including Frederik van Eeden, Willem Mengelberg, etc.). Bureau: Theresiastraat, 51, The Hague.

Journal de Genève, February 15, 1915.