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A desert place near Lampsacus. Outside Ephraim's cell. Ephraim is sitting. Abraham approaches him.

ABRAHAM. I say, Brother Ephraim, my fellow-hermit, could you manage to spare me a moment now for a talk, or would you rather I waited till you have finished your psalms?

EPHRAIM. All our talk should be a psalm in praise of Him who has promised that when two or three are gathered together in His name, there will He be in the midst of them.

AB. I have come to talk of nothing but what, I feel sure, is in accordance with God's will.

EPH. In that case, I would not put off our talk for a moment. I am entirely at your service.

AB. I have stirring in my mind a scheme of which I am most anxious to get your approval.

EPH. Well, we are bidden to be of one mind and one soul with one another; & so you and I are bound to have the same