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and got to know her by making pretended visits, until he enticed her young, untrained heart into love for him. So she crept out through the window and committed sin.

EPH. Your story horrifies me.

AB. But when the poor girl realised she had defiled herself, she beat her breast, struck her face, rent her dress, tore her hair, and wailed aloud with remorse.

EPH. No harm in that. Such a fall deserved all the tears she could shed.

AB. Yes, she cried and cried again because she felt she was not what she had been.

EPH. Poor girl!

AB. She lamented having broken our commandments.

EPH. And well might she lament!

AB. She recalled with her tears all the vigils and prayers and fasts which she had now spoiled.

EPH. Why, if she had persevered in repentance like this, she could have been saved yet.

AB. But she did not persevere. She turned from one evil deed to another.

EPH. I feel quite upset. My limbs fail