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devoured it, and immediately vanished.

EPH. Your dream was only too clear.

AB. But when I awoke and began to reflect on what I had seen, I was afraid that the Church was threatened by some persecution which was going to lead astray the faithful.

EPH. Your fear was reasonable.

AB. And so I kneeled down in prayer, and besought Him who knows all future events to reveal the meaning of the dream to me.

EPH. Quite right.

AB. At last, two nights afterwards, when I had retired to rest worn out, I thought I saw the same snake fall dead at my feet, whilst the dove reappeared unhurt.

EPH. I am glad to hear that. I have no doubt now that your Mary will come back to you some day.

AB. When I awoke, I felt consoled by this latter dream for the uneasiness which the former had caused me. So I collected my thoughts, and began to recall my pupil to mind. At once it occurred to me, to my sorrow, that for fully two days I had not heard her singing