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your generous care, my worthy host, we have fed well and drunken well. Now give me leave to rise from table and get to bed. I am tired. I wish to refresh myself with a good night's rest.

MAS. Just as you please.

MARY. (to Abraham). Get up, sir, and come along. I will go with you to your bedroom.

AB. Good. Nothing would have induced me to leave the room without your company.

(They go out.)


A Bedroom in the Inn. Enter Mary and Abraham.

MARY. Here is a bedroom that will just suit us, and a bed too with quite good blankets on it. Sit down, and I will take off your boots for you, to save you the trouble of doing it for yourself.

ABRAHAM. First of all, fasten the bolt of the door, so that no one can get in.

MARY. Do not worry about that. I will