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EPH. Well? I suppose you have found Mary once more?

AB. Yes, I really have found her. And I have brought her back rejoicing to the fold.

EPH. (amazed). It is the work of God's grace made manifest, I do declare!

AB. Undoubtedly it is.

EPH. I should like to know how she is going to order and conduct her life henceforth.

AB. She is going to order it entirely according to my directions.

EPH. The best possible plan for her.

AB. Whatever I have suggested that she should do, however hard or grievous it was, she has submitted herself to it.

EPH. That is praiseworthy.

AB. She has put on a hair vest and mortified the flesh by continual fasting and watching. Thus by observing the strictest discipline she has forced her tender body to bow to the will of the soul.

EPH. It is only just that the stains of sinful indulgence should be washed out by the bitterness of her sufferings.

AB. To hear her groans rends my heart;