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S 78/2003

Investigations involving military aircraft or civil aircraft in military aerodrome

13.—(1) This paragraph shall apply to any accident or incident—

(a) involving a military aircraft during a flying display; or
(b) occurring while a civil aircraft was on, in the course of taking off from or landing on, an aerodrome controlled by the Singapore Armed Forces.

(2) If it appears to the investigator-in-charge that the investigation into an accident or incident referred to in sub-paragraph (1) has been completed but for the investigation of matters relating to discipline or internal administration of the Singapore Armed Forces which are more appropriate for investigation by some other person or body, the investigation may be treated as if it has been completed without such matters being investigated under this Order.

(3) Where an investigation of matters relating to the discipline or internal administration has not been carried out by virtue of sub-paragraph (2), the report of the investigation into the accident or incident shall state the matters to which the investigation has not been extended.

Investigation reports

14.—(1) Where an investigation is carried out into an accident involving—

(a) an aircraft of a maximum certificated take-off mass of more than 2,250 kg; or
(b) an aircraft of a maximum certificated take-off mass of 2,250 kg or less and when airworthiness or matters considered to be of interest to other Contracting States are involved,

the investigator-in-charge shall, unless an Accident Data Report has been sent within 30 days of the accident, send a Preliminary Report within that period to—

(i) each of the following States that is a Contracting State:
(A) the State that instituted the investigation;
(B) the State of Registry or the State of Occurrence, as appropriate;
(C) the State of the Operator;