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7'118 EMPEROR AKBAR Jonatal in the clintricts ho hail conquero. The conMoquonna wan thint when he dioil thar man romo to compoto for the anpiro. Tho confusion rono in tho course of a fuw youth to such a hoight, that in 15.54. junt fourtoon yonra After ho hail fled from thin Neld of Kannuj, Tlumayan rocrom tho Indur, and rocovorod Northern Irelin. Ilo wala still young, Init atill an incapnhlo of founding n Mabilo ampiro As whon bo allocrochet his father. llo luft whini lim writing which prove that, hnil his lifo bocan ponroel, he would will havo trlorl to Hovorn on this oled plan whiali lind borokon in the hands of womany (091911030rm who hinil gong busforo hirn, and in his own. Just loofore his donth ho crow OP Wynto: for the noministration of Indin. It was to old myntuin of mosparntos culinpw in a fixed contro, each Independent of the othor, bout all wuparvisol hy tho limpador. It was an «xcollont plans, doubtlown, for mocuring conquierod pornvincun, but it was alwo)lutuly deficient in any nohoino for weliling the movornl pirovinces and their peopolos into ono harmonioun whole. The noridont which deprived Ilmayan of hlu lilo kufuru tho mocond bottle of l'anspont had bostowad upon the young Akbar, then a busy of fourtoon, the MUCCOMMion to the empiro of l'alar, wma, thon, in ovory NENAA, fortunate for llimutan. lumayan, during hin long aluetico, hiw many your" of wriving with fortuna, hne loernt nothing and line forgotten nothing. Tho hoy who NuscoCadderad liim, and who, although of