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10 7117 EMPEROR AKBAR Thoin in the nrgument to tho development of which I linvo dovoted tho following pingin. The book soolna to ino ninturally to divido itholf into throo parts. To Ikbar, au tho duvolopor of the idou of tho invasion and conquest of Indin, I havo dovoted tho flrøt part. 11o Wam n romarknhlo znan, and ho would linvo boon remarkable in ny ngo. Who le liel, nt to crly ngos of forty-right. how loft behind himn n rocoril which inay bo rond with interont and profit uvon nt tho clono of this ninoteenth contury. It han moomed to mu tho moro nocomunry to clovoto n conmi orahlo upnco to him innamuoh na tho rondor will not fnil to clinoorn, in thu nctions of thio grandion, the spirit and onorky and innnto nobility of charnator of tho grandfather. Of Ilumnyan, whono lifo proporly bolongs to tho first part, I hnvo writton as much only as novinod to no nociuanry to illustrnto tho chino of his full, and to dowcribo thu onrly anys of tho horo of the book, who was burn in Hindi, during the futhor's flight from Inilin. Thu roinnining two-thirds of the book havo loon givon to Aklnr. But, horu agnin, I havo subdi. vided tho subject. In the first of tho two-thiron, I havo nartntol, froin the page and on the authority of contoinpornry Mulinunninn hintorinnin, tho political uvonta of tho roign. In tho Innt chaptor I hnvo ondon voured to print tho mnn. 'roin the basis of tho rocords of thu Ain-1-Aklmri and other workø I linvo triod to show whint ho wnm an an sulministrator, um all orynninor, nu tho promulgntor of a systum which