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TIIE EMPEROR AKBAR Khurrou, ruler of the country, marohod on Ajor, romainod thoro a fow (nys; thon, honring that tho Mughals in Khusrou' worvioo hnd rovolto, ho inarchod towards Talikan, wo as to ho alilo to tako advantago of the situation. Botwoon the two plnoos ho was joinod by tho Mughals in quontion, and loarnt thint Sultán Khurrou, with tho ronaindor of his troops, was on him wny to Kibul. Thu two arinios WorO HO olono to ono another, that an intorviow took placo butwoon tho loadorn, which resulted in the completo submission of Khurrou, whoso troops camo ovor in crowdm to 1iábar. Thus strongthonod, Balar marchod upon Kábul, hoviogod it, and took it (October, 1504). Ily this suddlon chango of fortuno, ho found himsolf all at onoo King of Kábul and Chazní, a kingdoin far moro poworful than tho Forghana which he had inhuritud and lost. Babnr lind but just begnn to fool hin Hoat in his now kingiiom whon ho rucoivod an invitution to invade a district onllod Bhora, south of the rivor Juhlarn, and thoroforo within the borilors of Indin. Tho invitation was too ngreoablo to him withom to bo rofumoll, and ho nccordingly not out for Jalalabad. The time was January, 1505. Tho Sultán - for no ho Wou styloc ruourds in his journalis tho impronion producod upon him by tho first sight of that favourud part of Asia, an impronsion sharod, doubtloss, by his HUOCOKNors in tho path of invasion, and which inny woll account for thoir (luturinination to pruh on. I had novor boforo,' bo wrotu, 'woon warm countrios nor tho country of