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Sultán Husen Mirzá was dead. He at once pushed on, and after a march of eight hundred miles joined the sons of tho lato Sultdn and their army on the river Murghdh,

Two of the sons of the Sultdn had sucocedod him as joint-rulors. Bibar ſound thom ologant, accom- plishod, and intolligont, but offeminats, devoted to plonsure, and utterly ineapablo of making hond agninst tho hardy Shaibdnf, Whilst thoy wore plonsuring in emnp, tho latter had takon Talkh, After somo dincunsion, tho two kings doecided to bronk up their army and recommonco in the spring. Wintor was now coming on, and Bdbar was porsunded, agninst his bottor Judgmont, to visit his two hosts at Hordt, is dexoription of that royal city takes up pages of his autobiography !, Vor twenty days ho visitod overy day frodh places; nor wan it till the 24th of Decombor that ho docided to maroh homownrds,

Our eountrymen who worvad in Afghdnistdn during tho war of 1879-81 ean ronlise what that march must . have hoon; how trying, how diffloult, how all but imponsible. Tho dintance was twonty days’ journay in summor, Tho rond nerows tho mountaing, though not vory diffioult in summer, was oxpocinlly trying in tho dopth of wintor, and it was at that sonson, the snow falling around him, that Bdbar undortook it. Wo himsolf ghowed tho way, and with inorediblo oxortion lod tho ariny, oxhausted and rocklows, to tho foot of .oſi Memoirs of Iidbay, translated Ly Loyden and Kroklne, pp, soy-