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TIIE EMPEROR AKBAR awnintanco of Bahar Agninnt Slinikani. Babar, accorilingly, marchod for Kancinhar. On hin wny thithur, ho Wan joined lsy many of tho flying nihoronts of the oxpollecl llounn of Hulten llumon. But, boforo ho coull ronch Knndnhhr, Shribani Khin hind put prona Nuro on the song of Zulnun, and then had ncompted hin novorvignty. 19y notified this not to l’Almr in a mannor not to be inimtnkon. The lattor, thoroforo, prepared to make good him olnims hy forco of artis. llim arıny was not numeroum, bout ho lind confidenco in it and in himmelf. From Kilat-1-(ihilzni, whoros ho first moontool tho ohnngo of front nt Kandnhar, hu hindi inarched to the forid ncrunu tho Inrnnk. Thonon, confirmed in his icons, ho moved in orilor of linttir, nlong tho courwo of tho.atroam, to Baba Wall, live or Nix milom to tho north of Kaninhar, and had ocoupied the hill of Kaliklinil. lloro ho intended to rout, and Moint out him forngorm to colloot kupopoliom. But, 2001 aftor thero hnd quittoi tho onmp, holowhold tho onomy'n army, to this number of flvo thousand, movo from the city towards him. Ilo hind but n thoumand mon undloos arın, tho ronnindor boing ongngoul in fornginy, lut lio Naw it wnm not n timo to borilnto. Ranging liin one'ni in coroninivo ondor, ha nwnitol thin nttnok. That attack wnm lud in pornon lay thio Mogin of Zulmun with front ynlinntry; but lalinr not only topoulood it, and forced the numnilnntm to lloc, lout, in his poursuit, ho cut thorn off' from the city, which murrondorued to him with all itu trramurom. Tho Mpoils of the pilnon woro magnillountly rich. Ikbar did not, howovor, roinain in