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To Chivalry

("I wonder if fanatical feminists, male and female, ever stop to ask themselves what will happen when the romance of sex is forgotten, or lost sight of, in the furious struggle between men and women which universal suffrage is sure to bring."—The Phœnix.)

Chivalry, I don't abuse you,
Not at all—the only rub
Is that those who praise you, use you
Very often as a club.

As a club or stick of candy,
As a punishment or prize,
Finding you extremely handy
When they want to sermonise.

Chivalry, they say you'll linger
Only where the girls obey;
Where they show the smallest ginger
Instantly you fly away.

Many a stern, relentless Anti
Threatens us poor suffragettes
As a mother tells how Santy
Naughty children quite forgets.

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