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Poor Things

("They are for holding their notions though all men be against them, but I am for religion in what, and so far as, the times and my safety will bear it. They are for Religion when in rags and contempt; but I am for him when he walks in silver slippers in the sunshine and with applause."—"Pilgrim's Progress.")

Oh, alas, for all the women
Who are converts to our cause,
But who wait for silver slippers,
And for sunshine and applause.

Oh, alas, for all the people
Who can feel and reason straight,
But who always get in action
Just a little bit too late.

Just too late to make their gesture
Something splendid and sincere,
Just too late because it's patent
That the victory is here.

Oh, alas, for those who forfeit
What can never come again—
The delight of having struggled,
In contempt and in the rain.

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