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"What Is Coming"

("There can be no question that the behaviour of the great mass of women in Great Britain has not simply exceeded expectation but hope.  And there can be as little doubt that the suffrage question, in spite of the self-advertising violence of its extravagant section, did contribute very materially to build up the confidence, the willingness to undertake responsibility and face hardship that has been so abundantly displayed by every class of woman. . . . At every sort of occupation they have been found efficient beyond precedent and intelligent beyond precedent.  There is scarcely a point where women, having been given a chance, have not more than made good. . . . These women have won the vote."—From "What Is Coming," by H. G. Wells.)

Oh, Mr. Wells, your words sound very nice,
Yet if efficiency and sacrifice
Could win the vote for women, don't you know
We should have won it many years ago?

In every battle that was ever fought
In war or industry or law or thought,
Men have received with wondering delight

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