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The Anti Speaks

In the subway I have never stood a minute,
I have never clung an instant to a strap;
As I enter any train, each man who's in it
Springs, like Galahad awaking from a nap,
And exclaims with hat in hand:
"I can't bear to see you stand;
If you voted, though, I shouldn't care a rap."

O you women who have never stood in trolleys
(And I speak to every woman in this state)
If you don't forego these wild and wicked follies,
You'll be very, very sorry, but too late;
Men, disgusted at your capers,
Will sit still and read their papers,
And you'll have to stand in trolleys. What a fate!

For myself, my only means of locomotion
Is my motor, which conveys me near and far,

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