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A Son to His Anti-Suffrage Mother

Mother, dear mother, how could you deceive me!
Where shall I find consolation and balm?
"Willie," you always have taught me, "believe me,
Women who vote never have any charm."

Out of the West came a beautiful stranger;
Fast beat my heart, but I felt no alarm;
Why should I fear an impossible danger?
Stella had voted—she couldn't have charm.

Much of my time at her side I expended,
Trying to teach her a woman's true place.
Sometimes she yawned, twice or thrice was offended.
Once, I assure you, she laughed in my face.

Stella has plighted her word to another;
Told me the news with the cruellest calm,
Added: "There, Willie, run home to your mother;
Tell her that Cave Men are losing their charm."

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