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Charles Boothby.
George K. Borrett.

Boothby, Charles, s. William, of Dublin, Ireland, arm. St. Mary Hall, matric. 7 July, 1815, aged 29; B.A. 1819, captain of engineers, lost a leg at Talavera, preb. of Southwell, vicar of Sutterton, and rector of Barnoldby-le-Beck, co. Lincoln, died 19 Aug., 1846. See Foster's Baronetage.

Boothby, Evelyn, 2s. Charles, of Sutterton, co. Lincoln, cler. University Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 1843, aged 18; B.A. 1847, rector of Whitwell, co. Derby, 1851, until his death 24 May, 1874. See Foster's Baronetage.

Boothby, Herbert Cecil, 4s. Sir Brooke, of Welwyn, Herts, baronet. Non-Coll., matric. 18 March, 1885, aged 21. See Foster's Baronetage.

Boothby, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Norbury, co. Stafford, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 16 March, 1714-5, aged 16.

Bootle, Edward Wilbraham. Christ Church, 1788. See Wilbraham.

[5] Boraston, Gregory, s. William, of Wolverley, co. Worcester, cler. Queen's Coll., matric. 1 June, 1786, aged 18, B.A. 1791, M.A. 1793.

Boraston, Gregory Birch, 2s. Gregory, of Claines, co. Worcester, cler. Queen's Coll., matric. 10 Nov., 1820, aged 18; B.A. 1824, M.A. 1827, vicar of Wendron, Cornwall, 1837-67.

Boraston, William, s. George, of Kidderminster, co. Worcester, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 7 July, 1744, aged 17; B.A. 1748.

Bordman. See also Boardman.

Bordman, James, s. Thomas, of Carlislefold, co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1792, aged 18, B.A. 1796; Oriel Coll. M.A. 1798.

[10] Bordman, William, s. Thomas, of Leeredge, (? Leverbridge) co. Lancaster, gent. Pembroke Coll., matric. 2 Nov. 1793, aged 16; B.A. 1799, M.A. 1801.

Bordman, William James, o.s. Wllliam, of Reading, Berks, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1822, aged 19.

Boreel, Jacobus, ambassador extraordinary from the Belgian federation to Great Britain, created D.C.L. 3 July, 1759 (son of John Hieronimus, 'echevin' at Amsterdam), died 4 April, 1778; his son William is said to have succeeded to a baronetcy created by Charles I. and to be ancestor of a baronet now bearing his name, but see Foster's Baronetage, 'Chaos.'

Borel, Maurice Armand Hippolyte, 2s. Paul, of Paris, gent. Balliol Coll., matric. 1 Feb., 1882, aged 19.

Boringdon, John, Baron, D.C.L. Christ Church, 1789. See Parker.

[15] Borlase, George, s. William, of Ludgran, Cornwall, cler. Balliol Coll., matric. 14 March, 1748-9, aged 18, B.A. 1752; All Souls' Coll. M.A. 1756.

Borlase, John, 'baker;' 'privilegiatus,' 4 Aug., 1779.

Borlase, John (Pendarves), s. Walter, of Madron, Cornwall, doctor. Christ Church, matric. 20 June, 1750, aged 19; B.A. 1754. See Alumni West.

Borlase, Samuel, s. John, of Mevagissey, Cornwall, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 10 Dec, 1817; aged 19; of Pendeen, Cornwall, died 24 Nov., 1866.

Borlase, Walter, s. Walter, of Madron, Comwall, doctor. Christ Church, matric. 30 May, 1754, aged 17.

[20] Borlase, William, s. William, of Ludgran, Cornwall, cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 26 March, 1743, aged 17.

Borlase, William, 3s. Henry, of Helston, Cornwall, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 15 Nov., 1827, aged 16; B.A. 1831, M.A. 1834.

Borlase, William Copeland, 3s. Samuel, of Madron, Cornwall, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 13 Oct., 1866, aged 18; S.C.L. & B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 21 June, 1882, M.P. East Cornwall 1880-5, Mid Cornwall 1885 to April 1887, deputy warden of the Stannaries, vice-president Society of Antiquaries. See Foster's Men at the Bar.

Borough, Sir Edward Richard, Bart., s. Richard, of Dublin (city), baronet. Christ Church, matric. 5 May, 1818, aged 17; 2nd baronet, died 3 Dec, 1879. See Foster's Baronetage, 1881, and Alumni West.

Borough, John Charles Burton, o.s. Thomas Borough (formerly Borrow), of Chetwind, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matric. 18 Oct., 1828, aged 18; B.A. 1832, of Chetwynd Park, Salop, J.P., D.L., high sheriff 1844, and of Hulland Hall, co. Derby, a student of the Inner Temple 1833.

[25] Borough, John Sidney Burton, 1s. John C.-B., of Chetwynd Park, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matric. 8 June, 1870, aged 18; B.A. 1874.

Borough, Sir Richard, Bart., created D.C.L. 3 June, 1818, of Basildon Park, Berks, created a baronet 12 Nov., 1813, died 22 Jan., 1837. See Foster's Baronetage.

Borough, Thomas, s. Thomas Borrow, of Derby, arm. University Coll., matric. 13 Nov., 1777, aged 18; of Chetwynd Park, Salop, bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, altered the spelling of his name, died 1838.

Borough, Thomas George, 2s. John Charles Burton, of Chetwynd, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matric. 10 Oct., 1873, aged 17; B.A. 1881.

Borradaile, Abraham, 1s. Abraham, of Clapham, Surrey, arm. Christ Church, matric. 25 Oct., 1832, aged 18; B.A. 1836, M.A. 1839, P.C. St. Mary, Tothill Fields, London, 1841, until his death 30 Jan., 1873.

[30] Borradaile, Cuthbert Blizard, 1s. William. of Wandsworth, Surrey, cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 18 Feb., 1848, aged 17.

Borradaile, Frederick, s. Richardson, of All Hallows, London, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 21 Oct., 1815, aged 17; B.A. 1819, M.A. 1823, preb. of Lincoln, 1826, died 5 March, 1876.

Borradaile, William, s. William, of London, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 16 Dec, 1809, aged 17; B.A. 1814, M.A. 1816.

Borradale, George Aris Tilden, s. George, of London, arm. Merton Coll., matric. 7 July, 1784, aged 16.

Borrer, Carey Hampton, 1s. Nathaniel, of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 21 March, 1833, aged 18; B.A. 1837, M.A. 1840, rector of Hurstpierpoint 1841, preb. Chichester 1869, treasurer 1879.

[35] Borrer, Charles Alexander, 3s. Carey Hampton, of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, cler. Christ Church, matric. 12 June, 1862, aged 18; B.A. 1865, rector of Horseheath, Cambs., 1885.

Borrer, Francis Hamlyn, 2s. William, of Cowfold, Sussex, arm, Oriel Coll., matric. 17 Oct., 1866, aged 18.

Borrer, John Hamlyn, 1s. John H., of Henfield, Sussex, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 19 Feb., 1835, aged 18; B.A. 1838, father of the next named.

Borrer, John Hamlyn, o.s. Borrer, John Hamlyn, of Linfield, Sussex, arm. Christ Church, matric. 19 May, 1869, aged 19; B. A. 1872, of Angeston Grange, co. Gloucester, J.P.

Borrett, Charles William, y.s. Giles, of Yarmouth, Norfolk, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 24 July, 1828, aged 18; B.A. 1832, fellow, M.A. 1834, D.C.L. 1843, of Lincoln's Inn 1834. Coll. Reg., vii.


Borrett, George Kimbell. Oriel Coll. 1850. See Barrett.

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