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Arthur A. Brodribb.
Henry Bromfield.

Brodribb, Arthur Aikin, 2s. William Perrin, of London, M.D. Exeter Coll., matric. 15 Oct., 1869, aged 19; B.A. 1873.

Brodrick, Alan, 1s. Henry, of Isle of Mauritius, India, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 20 Nov., 1845, aged 18; B.A. 1849, M.A. 1870, rector of Broughton Gifford, Wilts, 1877. See Foster's Peerage, V. Midleton.

Brodrick, (Hon.) Alan, y.s. William John, of Bath, Somerset, cler. (after Viscount Midleton). Balliol Coll., matric. 28 May, 1858, aged 18; B.A. 1862, M.A. 1866, vicar of Godalming, Surrey, 1875, hon. canon Winchester 1882, brother of William, 8th Viscount Midleton.

Brodrick, Francis Edward, y.s. Thomas, of Prestbury, Cheshire, gent. Worcester Coll., matric. 18 Nov., 1858, aged 18; B.A. 1863, M.A. 1865, vicar of Farnley, Yorks, 1880.

Brodrick, Francis Hammond, 2s. William Richards, of Peasmarsh, Sussex, cler. Keble Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1885, aged 18. See Foster's Our Noble and Gentle Families.


Brodrick, George, s. Charles, bishop of Kilmore (co. Cavan), Ireland. Oriel Coll., matric. 14 March, 1815, aged 17; B.A. 1819, M.A. 1822, rector of Titsey, died unmarried 29 May, 1861, brother of William John, 7th Viscount Midleton.

Brodrick, George, 1s. Thomas, of Prestbury, Cheshire, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 6 June, 1838, aged 18.

Brodrick, Hon. George Charles, 2s. Hon. William John, of Castle Rising, Norfolk, cler. (after Viscount Midleton). Balliol Coll., matric. 14 March, 1850, aged 18; B.A. 1854, fellow Merton Coll. 1855, M.A. 1856, B.C.L. & D.C.L. 1886, warden of Merton 1881, a governor of Eton College May, 1887, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 10 June, 1859. See Foster's Peerage.

Brodrick, Hon. Henry, 3s. Hon. William, of Castle Rising, Norfolk, cler. (after Viscount Midleton). Trinity Coll., matric. 19 May. 1856, aged 18; lieutenant 60th rifles, died 31 Oct., 1877.

Brodrick, Rev. John, s. Laurence, of Dublin (city), doctor. Christ Church, matric. 13 Dec., 1777, aged 17; B.A. 1783, M.A. 1785, father of Captain Henry Brodrick. See Foster's Peerage, V. Midleton.


Brodrick, John Laurence, s. John, of Ennisagen, co. Kilkenny, cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1812, aged 21; brother of Captain Henry Brodrick. See Foster's Peerage, V. Midleton.

Brodrick, Laurence, s. Laur., of Mixbury, Oxon, doctor. Christ Church, matric. 9 June, 1735, aged 19; B.A. 1739, M.A. 1742, rector of Callan 1745, treasurer of Lismore, and vicar of Derragarth and Ballybeacon 16 Aug., 1745, rector of Stradbally 1774, died April, 1786. See Foster's Peerage & Alumni West.

Brodrick, Hon. Laurence Alan, 2s. William, Viscount Midleton. Merton Coll., matric. 17 Oct., 1882, aged 18; B.A. 1886, born 24 Jan., 1864. See Foster's Peerage.

Brodrick, Thomas Herbert, 1s. Thomas, of Salisbury, gent. Worcester Coll., matric. 20 Oct., 1881, aged 18.

Brodrick, William, s. William, of Newington, Surrey, arm. University Coll., matric. 16 March, 1804, aged 17; B.A. 1807, M.A. 1810, of Lincoln's Inn 1807.


Brodrick, William, o.s. William, of Gower Street, London, arm. University Coll., matric. 4 Dec. 1832, aged 18; B.A. 1836.

Brodrick, William, 1s. William John, of Castle Rising, Norfolk, cler. (after Viscount Midleton). Balliol Coll., matric. 6 April, 1848, aged 18; B.A. 1851, M.A. 1863, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1855, 8th Viscount, M.P, Mid Surrey 1868-70. See Foster's Peerage.

Brodrick, William Edward Bentinck, 1s. William Richard, of Peasmarsh, Sussex, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric. 27 Oct., 1884, aged 18. See Foster's Our Noble and Gentle Families.

Brodrick, William John, s. Charles, archbishop of Cashel. Balliol Coll., matric. 21 June, 1816, aged 17; B.A. 1820, M.A. 1823, dean of Exeter 1863, chaplain in ordinary to the Queen, 7th Viscount Midleton. See Foster's Peerage.

Brodrick, Hon. William St. John Fremantle, 1s. William, Viscount Midleton. Balliol Coll., matric. 20 Oct., 1875, aged 18; B.A. 1879, M.A. 1882, M.P. West Surrey 1880-5, South-West Surrey 1885, financial secretary War Office July, 1886. See Foster's Peerage.


Brodstock, John, 'roling pres printer;' privilegiatus 15 April, 1725.

Broke, Horace, 1s. Horace, of St. Margaret's, London, arm. Christ Church, matric. 15 May, 1845, aged 17; B.A. 1849, M.A. 1853, of the Inner Temple 1848, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 17 Nov., 1853, of Gladwyns, Essex, J.P. See Foster's Men at the Bar.

Broke, Horatio George, 1s. Horace, of London, arm. University Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 1880, aged 18; B.A. 1883. See Foster's Baronetage.

Broke, Philip, 3s. Horace, of London, arm. Merton Coll., matric. 24 Oct., 1885, aged 18. See Foster's Baronetage.

Bromage, Rev. James Gosling, 1s. James Silvanus, of Monmouth (town), gent. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 12 Oct., 1861, aged 19; B.A. 1865, M.A. 1873.


Bromby, Charles Hamilton, 2s. Charles Henry, of Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, cler. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 3 May, 1862, aged 18; New Inn Hall B.A. 1867, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 18 Nov., 1867, attorney-general of Tasmania 1876-8. See Foster's Men at the Bar.

Bromby, Edward Hippins, 4s. John Edward, of Clifton, co. Gloucester, B.D. Queen's Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 1886, aged 19; B.A. 1870.

Brome, George, s. Samuel, of Cork, Ireland, cler. Christ Church, matric. 3 Dec., 1748, aged 17; B.A. 1752.

Brome, Henry Selleck, s. Thomas Selleck, of Stourton, co. Stafford, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 28 Nov., 1799, aged 18; B.A. 1803, M.A. 1807.

Brome, Thomas, s. John, of Farnborough, Kent, arm. University Coll., matric. 31 March, 1737, aged 16; B.A. 1740, M.A. 1743.


Brome, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Burton, co. Stafford, gent. University Coll., matric. 10 Dec., 1761, aged 18.

Bromehead, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Aldgate High Street, London, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 27 Oct., 1764, aged 16; B.A. 1768, M.A. 1771.

Bromehead, Rev. William, 2s. John May, of Spilsby, co. Lincoln, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 27 Jan., 1827, aged 18; B.A. 1831.

Bromet, Alfred, 4s. John Addinell, of Tadcaster, Yorks, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 1884, aged 18.

Bromet, William Ernest, y.s. John Addinell, of Tadcaster, Yorks, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 16 Oct., 1866, aged 18.


Bromfield, George Henry Worth, o.s. Henry Jenkins, of Dunchurch, co. Warwick, arm. University Coll., matric. 22 May, 1861, aged 18; B.A. 1866, M.A. 1868, vicar of St.-Mary-the-Less, Lambeth, 1874, rural dean 1881.

Bromfield, Henry, 1s. Thomas Ross, of Napton, co. Warwick, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. 22 June, 1839, aged 18; B.A. 1823, vicar of Blockley, co. Worcester, 1855-78, rural dean 1858-78, died 24 Aug., 1880.

Bromfield, Henry, o.s. Henry, of Charlecote, co. Warwick, cler. Christ Church, matric. 11 Dec., 1856, aged 21; B.A. 1860.

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