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The Promise of Power

The Leader, who is Red Hand, trusts and waits until a strong voice from the darkness comes, saying:

"Hast thou celansed thyself from human guilt and impurity?"

"I have," Red Hand replied.

"Hast thou ill will toward any of thy fellow creatures?"

"I have not."

"Wilt thou trust and obey us, keeping thyself always chaste and valorous?"

"I will."

"Wilt thou hold this power with which we endow thee for thine own chosen company only?"

"I will."

"Wilt thou endure death or torture in its cause?"

"I will."

"Wilt thou vow this secret never to be revealed save at thy death hour?"

"I will."


"Thy death hour will be revealed to thee; thou wilt be allowed to choose thy successor, and at the end of thy journey thou wilt be rewarded for faith and obedience."


There was a rushing of winds and the sound of hurrying creatures was heard. The song was renewed and then a winged light appeared. The voices were bidding him journey on.

So sings the whipporwill, "Follow me, follow me,"
So replies the Chief to him, "Yes, I will follow thee."
"See, the night is darkening, the shadows are hiding
No light to follow now," so sings the waterfall.