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Down the deep abyss went Red Hand, following his unseen guide. He felt the spray of the waterfall and then up he climbed until he knew he was ascending a mountain. The dawn light appeared and he went on and on until when the sun was high he found the flat summit of the mountain.

There in the circle of an altar was a wild maize plant. At its roots was the box holding the mystic potence that restores men to life and heals wounds.

A white flint knife lay at the roots of the maize plant and a voice called, "Slash into the stalk of the Maize!"

Our Leader cut the stalk and blood flowed from the wound. Then again a voice said, "Touch the wound with the potence." This he did and the wound immediately healed. The voice sounded again, saying:

"Guard well this mystic potence for while ye have it thy people shall endure. When it is gone they shall be no more. Go and found an order that shall know all this wisdom and preserve in the bonds of faithful brotherhood the mysteries, the chants and the will to perform the task of spreading the knowledge of the kinship of all created things."


Da neho enyayehak.


Out of the Darkness

The Order has been founded, and though many centuries have passed by, the faithful fraternity still remains. In the ritual the members impersonate the brother-friends who gave of their lives. In the mystic square in the darkness we hear their voices. The call of the birds is heard and the shrill call of the Guide bird