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Hoiyaku, ホイヤク, 墮胎. n. An abortion. A miscarriage. Same as Honyaku.

Hoiyo, 木亻ヨ, 夜鷹ノ類. n. Some kind of night hawk.

Hoiyo, (Symbol missingJapanese characters),

Hoiyo-ki, ホイヨキ,

姦淫スル. v.t. To commit adultery. To wish evil to another. To desire to harm. To do evil.

Hoiyo, ホイヨ, 惡シキ, 放蕩ナル. adj. Bad. Abandoned. Evil. Wicked.

Hoiyop, ホイヨ(Symbol missingJapanese characters), 放蕩ナル人 n. An abandoned person. A person bent on mischief. An adulterer. An utterly wicked person. One who prays that evil may overtake another. One who steals the religious symbols of another. A person who commits sacrilege.

Hoiyo-tusu, ホイヨツス, 惡シキ預言. n. Evil prophecies.

Hok, ホク, 買フ. v.t. To buy.

Hoka, ホカ, 爐. n. A fireplace.

Hoka-etok, ホカエトク, 爐ノ上座. n. The head of a fireplace. That | part of the inside of a hut nearest the head of a fireplace.

Hokamba, ホカムバ, 六ヶ敷. adj. Difficult.

Hokamburi, ホカムブリ,

Hokkamburi, ホカ(Symbol missingJapanese characters)ムブリ,

女ノ帽子. n. A woman's bonnet.

Hokannashi, ホカンナシ, 上方二, 外|加. adv. The upper. The outer.

Hoka-o, ホカオ, 火上=置ク, 例セパ, パスパスコカオ, 炭テ繼グ. v.t. To put on a fire. As:—Paspas ho-ka-o, "to put charcoal on a fire."

Hoketu, ホケッ, 後^蹴ル. v.i. To kick out from behind as a horse. Syn: Chotari. Chiotari.

Hoketuketu, ホケツケツ, 爬キ掘, (鳥ノ如ク). v.t. To scratch (as fowls).

Hokeura, ホケウラ, 肪胱, n. A bladder.

Hoki, ホキ, 窕術チ使7, 例セパ, メポ(Symbol missingJapanese characters), 寒氣チ呼(Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.t. To call for by enchantments. As:—Me-hoki, "to call for cold." Apto hoki guru, "a rain maker."

Hokiru-kiru, ホキルキル,(Symbol missingJapanese characters), v.i. To sway too and fro.

Hokke, ホッケ, 伏ス. v.i. Same as Hotke, "to lie down.

Hokomkokte, ホコムコクテ, 立膝ス(Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.i. To raise the knees up towards the chin.

Hokorakorak, ホコラコラク,

Okorakorak, オコラコラ

(Symbol missingJapanese characters). v.i. To rattle. To rattle together as things loose in a box.

Hoku, ホク, 夫、オット. n. A husband.

Hoku-koiwak, ホクコイワク,(Symbol missingJapanese characters)逢フ. v.i. To go to visit one's husband.

Hokukura, ホククラ, or Hokure, ホクレ, 掛聲ニ用ユル語. excl. An exclamation of urging, defying, or calling the attention to anything. This word is generally placed at the beginning of a sentence.

Hokure, ホクレ, 貪食スル, 例セバ, ホク(Symbol missingJapanese characters), 貪リ喰スル. adv. Greedily. Excessively. As:—Hoku-