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Page 1. Line 10. for excepted read expected. P. 12. L. 24. read our own Gratification. P. 15. L. 2. for one read a. P. 18. L. 3. for others read other Motives. P. 19. L. 9. for for read of. P. 21. L. 1. for from it read from Fame. P. 36. L. 6. for Fellow read Fellows. P. 43. L. 1. for pointed read painted. P. 46. L. 22. read serve to no manner. P. 47. L. 4. for to whom he is not bound by any Ties read to none of which he is bound. P. 50. L. ult. read Render Possessions ever so equal, Men's different Degrees. P. 69. L. 17. where the Search for Health or Pleasure brings. P. 82. L. 18. for then read these. P. 83. L. 4. read that of the Community. P. 86. L. 15. read Circumstance. P. 91. L. 1. read threaten'd. P. 95. L. 1. for alone read along, P. 98. L. 5. for will read shall. P. 117. L. 10. read pretty nearly of the same Kind or Species. P. 129. L. 11. for professes read possesses. P. 145. L. 5. read this Passage. P. 150. L. 22. for even read ever. P. 174. L. 18. read serve to no manner. P. 178. L. 24. read arise. P. 202. L. 9. read is often highly laudable. P. 205. L. 6. read and must suspend. P. 217. L. penult. read tends. P. 227. L. 17. read had been courted. P. 233. L. 11. read that there was a Nation.

In the Notes.

Page 15. Line penult. for these Essays read this Enquiry. P. 55. L. 9. for Essay read Section.