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States Guns Infantry Cavalry
I. Haiderábáid 725 36,890 8,202
II. Mysore 6 1,000 35
III. Travankúr 6 1,211 60
IV. Kochin 3 300 ——
I. Cis-Satlaj States 141 7,185 3,191
II. Kashmir 96 18,436 1,393
III. Trans-Satlaj States 27 3,275 300
IV. Bháwalpur 80 2,484 360
Petty States 302 18,000 4,000


The following graphic description of the Bhúmia class is taken from the Rájpútcáná correspondence of the 'Pioneer' newspaper, dated Allahábád, November 24, 1874:—

Some months ago I touched upon the subject of Bhúmia Thákurs and Bhúm holdings. Since then I have had access to a singularly clear report on the Bhúmia Thákar's of the Ajmír district, and I have more than once meditated giving you a précis of its contents. There seems to have been a considerable confusion of ideas upon the status and duties of this class, and no one seemed able to say what privileges they were entitled to enjoy, and what services they were pledged to render in return for their holdings. After the new order of things had been established, the Commissioner appointed a committee to sift the whole matter of their rights and duties. A very careful and interesting report was submitted by the committee, the report to which I alluded above, and on it the Commissioner framed his suggestions for the future regulation of our demands from the Bhúmia holders. The orders of the Supreme Govern- ment on his recommendations have lately been received. The proposals of the committee have been favourably entertained, and it now only remains to have them put into execution.