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were growing up in absolute ignorance of Christian truth. And, in fact, so many such towns are there that even the governor of the State lately raised his voice in solemn protest.

Q. What do you believe of Jesus Christ?

A. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity, true God and true man.

The Joint Debate

Once in Armenia an heretical priest challenged a Catholic missionary to a joint debate. The missionary, though reluctant, was in a way forced to accept. The subject was the personality of the Redeemer. “I admit,” said the heretic, “ that Jesus Christ was God and man, but so perfectly were the divine and human natures united in Him that He had but one nature. Two pieces of iron — for example, a large and small piece — if fused together become so united as to lose their individuality.” “True,” replied the missionary, “ but let one piece be an ingot of gold, and will the result be all gold or all iron? Will it not rather be part gold and part iron? So it is with Christ; in His single person are two distinct natures. In His human nature He suffered and died, but it was the divine nature that gave an infinite value to His sufferings and death.”

Q. Why is Jesus Christ true God?

A. Jesus Christ is true God because He is the true and only Son of God the Father.