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not taken the trouble to do as her mother told her, and strike a light in the adjoining room; hence it came about that she took the wrong bottle, and brought a glass ‘of ink instead of wine. She got thoroughly scolded by her mother for her disobedience, and all the next year no new frock was given her. It was through disobedience that our first parents stained the robe of their primeval innocence.

Q. What is the sin called which we inherit from our first parents?

A. The sin which we inherit from our first parents is called original sin.

The Spring and the Stream

Two students were enjoying a holiday in the woods, and as they wandered along, they discoursed of original sin. ‘‘We cannot understand,” said one, “how original sin is transmitted.” “ We cannot fully understand it,” admitted the other, “ but we can at least form some idea of this truth.” As he was just then standing by a small spring, he stirred up the muddy bottom with his stick and watched the change that came over the appearance of the stream. “ There,” he said, “ our corrupted nature is like this spring and stream, except that human nature is not purified by motion and transmission.”

Q. Why is this sin called original?

A. This sin is called original because it comes down to us from our first parents, and we are brought into the world with its guilt on our soul.