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often he sins, the less able he becomes to withstand temptation. At last he is ruined, both for time and for eternity.

Q. Which are the chief sources of sin?

A. The chief sources of sin are seven: Pride, Covetousness, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth; and they are commonly called capital sins.



Since work is no disgrace, no one ought to be treated with contempt because he either does, or formerly did, earn his bread with the labor of his hands. One of the kings of Sweden invited a leading member of the House of Commons to dinner, in the hope of thereby gaining his vote on behalf of a project (the extension of a fortress) that he had formed. Now this man had formerly been engaged in the shoemaking trade, and when he took his seat at the royal table, he found himself next to a count, who prided himself on his rank. Presently the count, addressing his neighbor, said: “Is it true, sir, that you once were a shoemaker?” “Yes, it is quite true,” was the reply; “ but you, count, never were one? ” “ What do you mean by asking me such a question? ” said the count, flushing with anger. The deputy, who was quick at repartee, rejoined: “ I meant this: if you had ever been a shoemaker, you would certainly have remained one to the end of your days.” The count bit his lips.