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  • With respect to the communications and internet shutdown, the learned Solicitor General submitted that internet was never restricted in the Jammu and Ladakh regions. Further, he submitted that social media, which allowed people to send messages and communicate with a number of people at the same time, could be used as a means to incite violence. The purpose of the limited and restricted use of internet is to ensure that the situation on the ground would not be aggravated by targeted messages from outside the country. Further, the internet allows for the transmission of false news or fake images, which are then used to spread violence. The dark web allows individuals to purchase weapons and illegal substances easily.
  • The learned Solicitor General submitted that the jurisprudence on free speech relating to newspapers cannot be applied to the internet, as both the media are different. While newspapers only allowed one-­way communication, the internet makes two-­way communication by which spreading of messages are very easy. The different context should be kept in mind by the Court while dealing with the restrictions with respect to the two media.
  • While referring to various photographs, tweets and messages of political leaders of Kashmir, he stated that these statements are highly misleading, abrasive and detrimental to the integrity and sovereignty of India.
  • Further, it is not possible to ban only certain websites/parts of the Internet while allowing access to other parts. Such a measure was earlier attempted in 2017, but it was not successful.
  • Lastly, the learned Solicitor General submitted that the orders passed under the Suspension Rules were passed in compliance with the procedure in the Suspension Rules, and are being reviewed strictly in terms of the same.

9. Some of the intervenors have supported the submissions made by the learned Attorney General and the Solicitor General, and indicated that the restrictions were necessary and in compliance with the law. They have also submitted that normalcy is