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71,038 recorded incidents of terrorist violence, 14,038 civilians have died, 5292 security personnel were martyred, 22,536 terrorists were killed. The geopolitical struggle cannot be played down or ignored. In line with the aforesaid requirement, we may note that even the broadest guarantee of free speech would not protect the entire gamut of speech. The question which begs to be answered is whether there exists a clear and present danger in restricting such expression.

36. Modern terrorism heavily relies on the internet. Operations on the internet do not require substantial expenditure and are not traceable easily. The internet is being used to support fallacious proxy wars by raising money, recruiting and spreading propaganda/ideologies. The prevalence of the internet provides an easy inroad to young impressionable minds. In this regard, Gregory S. McNeal,[1] Professor of Law and Public Policy, Pepperdine University, states in his article about propaganda and the use of internet in the following manner:

"Terrorist organisations have also begun to employ websites as a form of information warfare. Their websites can disperse inaccurate information that has far-reaching

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