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An Evangelical Reformer

valuable aid—always, of course, on the side of right and truth and justice.

Another fruit of the stay at Schaffhausen was due to a controversy that had broken out between his old teacher and friend, John Eck, and his new friends, the Swiss reformers, especially Zwingli. Thirsting for the fray, Hübmaier prepared a series of theses which were printed in Zürich the following November, in both German and Latin, the latter edition having the title: "Fundamental articles, which Baldazar, the fly of Fridberg, brother in Christ of Huldrych Zwingli, has proposed to John Eck, the elephant of Ingolstadt, for masterly examination." These articles are of special interest, as showing the relations that obtained at this time between the author and the Zürich leader:

"1. Every Christian must give to him who demands it an account of his hope and also of his faith.

"2. For only him who fearlessly confesses Christ before men will he also confess before his Father.

"3. With the heart one believes unto righteousness, but with the mouth he makes confession unto salvation.

"4. When you have not faith, how can you understand this: 'I have believed, therefore have I spoken'? How will you believe him whom you have not heard?

"5. The decision, which of two holds the right