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Balthasar Hübmaier

when they have occasion to mention Hübmaier, and if a further proof were needed, the tartness of Zwingli's reply furnishes it. His tract was entitled A True, Thorough Reply to Dr. Balthasar's Little Book on Baptism, and the preface is dated November 5th.[1] It contains little that is new, reiterating the arguments of his former treatise, with occasional attempts to meet the objections of his adversary. The tone is one of irritation, and though he writes "dear Balthasar" frequently, there is occasionally a betrayal of the fact that their friendly relations had been much strained. He especially complains that Hübmaier writes against him, without mentioning him by name, and says that this is wicked (böse) he would much rather have an opponent come out boldly and declare himself such. He presses again the objection that the Anabaptists are schismatics, and that their course will result in the division of the Church and the destruction of the standing order.

This was evidently the main reason for the determined opposition that Zwingli offered to the Anabaptists and their teachings. No doubt he was

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