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The Martyr

a full account. It is open to suspicion in some particulars, but in the main bears the impress of truth.

Faber reached Greisenstein December 14th, and in his visit to his former friend was accompanied by Lord Mark of Leopoldsdorf and Ambrozius Salzer, rector of the Vienna gymnasium—neither of whom, however, seems to have taken any part in the discussion. Faber began with a long address, in which he expressed the sincere love he had never ceased to cherish for the comrade of his school-days, and promised his aid in any way that he could render it. But above all he was anxious to convince his friend of his errors, and lead him back to the truth. To this Hübmaier is said to have replied:

"Although I certainly know that I shall have to die, and that I have deserved the penalties that await me, yet I do not wish that the poor people, who have received their doctrine from me, should remain in error on my account. Whatever I have either written or taught hitherto was not for my own advantage, but simply from the conviction that the Spirit of God was leading me to do it, and at this moment there is no man in the world whom I would rather see or hear than you. Hence I have often thought, when I heard you speak of the articles of my faith, how I could bring it about for you to instruct me, and if I were found in error, to lead me out of it; and for this reason I must now tender my