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Balthasar Hübmaier

the command in the Old Testament, plain and clear, that we nevertheless shall kill. Do you say, "Yes, but God commanded them"? then I reply, God has also commanded that the magistrate shall kill and degrade the turbulent. He has for that girded them with the sword, and not in vain, as Paul writes to the Romans. Do you now ask, pious Christian, how "kill" and "do not kill" agree with each other? Answer: completely:

As be chaste and be married, Matt. xix., 3-12.

As have a wife and have one not, 1 Cor. vii., 25-30.

As a testimony is true and is not true, John v., 31, 32; viii., 14.

As have all things and have nothing, 2 Cor. vi., 10.

As to be rich and to be poor, ib.

As to preach the gospel to every creature, and yet not cast pearls before swine, Matt. xxviii., 19; vii., 6.

As to love father and mother and to hate them, Ex. xx., 12; Luke xiv., 26.

As to see God and not see him. Gen. xxxii., 30; John i., 18.

As all men shall be saved, and those who do not believe shall be condemned, John i., 7-12.

As to swear by the name of God and not to swear, Deut. vi., 13; Matt, v., 34.

As not to sin and yet to have sin, 1 John i., 8; iii., 6.

As to sell all things that we have and give to the poor, and yet to give of our superfluity that we come not to poverty, Matt. xix., 21; 2 Cor. viii., 13-15.

As to be poor, and happy to give to him that takes. Matt, v., 42.

As Christ to be always with us to the end of the world, and yet not to have him always among us, Matt, xxviii., 20; John xvi., 7.