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530; eal-fela eald-gesegena worn, “a very great number of old sagas,” 870; worn eall gespræc gomol, “the aged one spake very many things,” 3094. Similarly in gen. pl. governed by fela: with gen. sg. worna fela…sorge, “very much sorrow,” 2003; with gen. pl. worna fela…gūða, “very many wars,” 2542.

worold, st. f., world, 1183, 1681, 1062, etc.; gen. sg. worulde, 2343, worlde, 2711; his worulde gedāl, “his severance from the world,” 3068.
worold-ār, st. f., world-honour, 17.
worold-cyning, wyruld-cyning, st. m., world-king, mighty king, 1684, 3180.
worold-rǣden, st. f., the way of the world; acc. sg. swā hē ne forwyrnde worold-rǣdenne, “so he escaped not the lot of mortals, i.e. death” (?), 1142 (see note).
worðig, st. m., street, court, precincts, palace, 1972.
worð-mynd, see weorð-mynd.
woruld-candel, st.f., world-candle, the sun, 1965.
woruld-ende, st. m., world-end, the end of the world, 3083.
wracu, st. f., revenge; acc. sg. wræce, 2336.
wræc, st. neut., wrack, misery, exile, 170, 3078.
wræcca, see wrecca.
wræce, see wracu.
wræc-lāst, st. m., exile-track, path of exiles, 1352.
wræc-mæcg, st. m., banished man, exile, 2379.
wræc-sīð, st. m., wrack-journey, exile, 2292; dat. pl. nalles for wræc-sīðum ac for hige-þrymmum, “by no means because of banishment but out of magnanimity,” 338.
wræt, st. f., ornament, jewel; acc. pl. wræte, 2771, 3060; gen. pl. wrætta, 2413; dat. pl. wrættum, 1531.
wræt-līc, adj., ornamental, adorned, ornate, curiously wrought, splendid, wondrous, 891, 1489, etc.
wrāð, adj., wroth, hostile; absolutely, foe, 319, 660, etc.
wrāðe, adv., amiss, 2872.
wrāð-līce, adv., wrothly, wrathfully, 3062.
wrecan, st. v., with acc., wreak, drive, drive out, utter, avenge, 1278, 423, etc.; often wrecan gid, spel, etc., “utter, rehearse, a lay, legend, or tale,” 873, 1065, etc. Special passages: subj. pres. þonne hē gyd wrece,” [that] then he should utter a dirge,” 2446; pret. sg. ferh ellen wræc, “strength drove out life,” 2706; pp. wearð…on bīd wrecen, “was driven to bay,” 2962.
ā-wrecan, st. v., tell; with acc. gid, 1724, 2108.

for-wrecan, st. v., with acc., drive away, banish, 1919, 109.

ge-wrecan, st. v., usu. with acc., wreck, avenge, 107, 3062, etc.; pret. pl. gewrǣcan, 2479; with reflex. acc. 2875; absolutely, hē gewræc syððan, “he took vengeance afterwards,” 2395.
wrecca, w. m., wretch, exile, wanderer, adventurer, 1137, 898; dat. wræccan, 2613.
wrecend, st. m. (pres. part.), wrecker, avenger, 1256.
wreoðen-hilt, adj., with wreathed or twisted hilt, 1698.
wrīdian, w. v., grow, 1741. [“Beiträge” x. 511.]
wrītan, st. v., write, engrave, 1688.
for-wrītan, st. v., cut asunder, 2705.
wrīðan, st. v., with acc., [writhe] bind, 964; bind up, 2982.
wrixl, st. neut., exchange, 2969.
wrixlan, w. v., with dat. wordum, “exchange, interchange, words,” 366, 874.
wrōht, st. f., strife, contest, 2287, 2473, 2913.