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Therefore choose you which you will,
Wed me, sir, or try your skill.

Step within that pleasant bower,
With your friend one single hour,
Strive your thoughts to reconcile,
And I will wander here the while.

While this charming lady waited,
The young bachelors debated,
What was best for to be done;
Quoth his friend, the hazard run.

If my judgment may be trusted,
Wed her first, you can’t be worsted,
If she’s rich, you’ll rise to fame,
If she’s poor, why you’re the same.

He consented to be married,
In her coach they all were carried,
To a church without delay,
Where he weds the lady gay.

The sweet pretty Cupids hover’d,
Round her eyes, her face was cover'd
With a mask, he took her thus,
Just for better or for worse.

With a courteous kind behaviour,
She presents his friend a favour,
And withal dismiss’d him straight,
That he might no longer wait


As the gilded coach stood ready,
The young lover and his lady,
Rode together till they came
To her house of state and fame.