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Now the lady who had fill’d him
With those fears, full well beheld him
From a window, where she drest,
Pleased at the pleasant jest.

When she had herself attired,
In rich robes to be admired,
She appeared in his sight,
Like a moving angel bright.

Sir, my servants have related,
How you have some hours waited
In my parlour, tell me who
In my house you ever knew.

Madam if I have offended,
It is more than I Intended;
A young lady brought me here,
That is true said she my dear.

I can be no longer cruel
To my joy and only jewel,
Thou art mine and I am thine,
Hand aud heart I do resign.

Once I was a wounded lover,
Now those fears are clearly over;
By receiving what I gave,
Thou art Lord of what I have.

Beauty, honour, love and treasure,
A rich golden stream of pleasure,
With his lady he enjoys;
Thanks to Cupid's kind decoys.

Now he’s cloth’d in rich attire,
Not inferior to a squire,
Beauty, honour, riches, store,
What can man desire more.